Paige is determined to make up for the loss of the money by capturing the culprit, and she arranges to meet Bryson, having invited him to come to Erinsborough. Imogen reveals her concerns to Brad, who is worried enough to try to hunt her down. Meanwhile, Paige waits for Bryson, unaware she’s being watched…

Georgia keeps her fear regarding trying for another baby from Kyle, but can’t help confiding in Susan. Despite Susan’s reassurances, Georgia visits the memorial tree she and Kyle planted to honour their lost baby.

Kyle wants to make Valentine’s Day special for Georgia now they’re trying for a baby, and decides to get a tattoo with Georgia’s name on it. Caught up in the idea, Chris, Toadie and Karl go along for the ride. The men are dismayed to learn afterwards that they have been given the wrong tattoos, and their partners are mortified when they see them.

Lou and Sheila work side by side at the store and are alarmed when a customer observes that they are clearly a loving couple. Disturbed by the woman’s observation, they go their separate ways.