Paige says goodbye

It's the end of an era for Paige and Jack

As Paige prepares to leave Ramsay Street, Jack encourages her to leave on good terms with Mark. Meanwhile, Aaron tries to convince Mark that he should make peace with Paige before she moves away. However, when the pair come face to face, will Mark be able to forgive and forget?

Meanwhile, Aaron tells Chloe that he still loves David, but he knows things are over between them; especially when Amy tells him that David is holding back with Rafael until they find out if Paul was responsible for the fire Rafael’s mum died in. However, Amy accidentally finds out who started the fire in Brazil – but will she reveal the truth to Aaron and everyone else?

Tension between Chloe and Piper continues to intensify, as Chloe continues to make it clear she is sticking around. Mark reassures Piper that she can stay with them for as long as she needs, but with Paige leaving, will it push Piper to forgive her mum?

Also, Shane is determined to help Toadie acquire more clients after throwing a meringue in the face of Rita Newland. Will Shane’s help cause more harm than good?