Paige Smith makes a risky decision

Paige Smith is determined to make amends for Angelina's injuries

Believing Angelina’s only chance is to put her life in the hands of brilliant neurosurgeon, Dr Amar Adisa, Paige pressures Rena to agree to risky brain surgery on her daughter. But is Paige taking on a bigger risk then she realises?

Toadie dwells on Sonya’s proposal, tracking down Karl to get his perspective. Karl encourages Toadie to see it as an act of love on Sonya’s part. After seeing an incredibly upset Steph pining for her child, Toadie tell Sonya his decision.

Aaron plays Terese and Paul against each other in a bidding war for sponsorship of the Blaze Outreach centre, piquing the attention of a new stranger in town – Leo.