Paige Smith makes waves in Erinsborough

Paige Smith arrives in Erinsborough, looking for her parents, and immediately ruffles feathers. She finds instant rapport with Joshua, but that unsettles Amber. She later makes her way to Harold’s Store where she’s deeply moved to come face to face with Lauren – her mum.

Paige gets on Amber’s bad side yet again – and vice versa, and Paige is left uncertain when she realises Amber’s Lauren’s daughter – her half sister. When Lauren offers Paige a job at Harold’s, Amber’s even more unsettled – but Paige has only just begun causing havoc.  

Will’s beloved dog Napoleon takes an immediate dislike to Chris, who realises Will is a pushover when it comes to his dog. Later, when introducing Napoleon to Bossy, Will’s dog goes on the attack, injuring Bossy. Chris, with Kyle’s help, has to rush her to the vet. But Chris is even more thrown later when Will refuses to take responsibility for his dog’s behaviour.

With Kyle’s imminent arrival, Georgia takes the day off work to meet him. But she’s disappointed when Kyle calls her from Brisbane Airport, asking her not to pick him up when he gets to Melbourne. When they finally meet, they’re interrupted by Bossy’s injury and Georgia’s left waiting for answers.