Paige and Brennan’s relationship is going well – in fact Paige is in love. But when Paul comments that Brennan is interested in Dakota, and she then sees them kiss by the lake she’s devastated.

Joshua plans to donate money to Chris’s recovery fund but is gutted when he’s let go by Dingoes. They claim it’s because he failed to meet membership targets, but Josh knows it’s because of the coward punch. Terese wants them to contest his dismissal, but Josh refuses – he hurt Chris and he needs to face the repercussions.

When Paul discovers Brennan might have a crush on Dakota, he takes action, telling that her boyfriend has been hitting on Dakota. Paul’s pleased with himself, but it does little to quell Dakota’s fire for Brennan. After an afternoon walk, she takes charge and kisses him.

Also, aware Mal’s struggling with the idea of being a father, Toadie and Sonya ask him to babysit Nell. But the experience doesn’t go well when Mal struggles to settle Nell and he resorts to breaking Sonya and Toadie’s ‘digital detox’.