Paige still feels guilty

Mark continues to shut Paige out and Paige still can't tell him the truth

Mark is struggling to accept Tyler’s prison sentence and he won’t turn to Paige for support. Later, Paige finds out she has won a glamping trip and wants to take Mark, but he doesn’t seem in the mood. She asks Jack to babysit for a few days, but he can’t as he’s going away with Steph and doesn’t want to cancel. Paige understands and the pair agrees to keep their distance.

Meanwhile, Steph bumps into Mark and urges him not to shut Paige out. Mark takes Steph’s advice and is in better spirits when he sees Paige. The pair agrees to go glamping, but when they arrive, Paige receives a nasty surprise…

Meanwhile, Amy is upset after receiving her workplace bullying order from Leo. Amy rants to Mishti that the warning is unfair and Mishti is shocked by Leo’s behaviour. She confronts Leo about his behaviour – but will he come clean and confess that Jayden and his mother are blackmailing the Robinsons?

Also, Sheila is planning a romantic night in for her and Clive, but her plans are ruined when she finds Gary cleaning the spa. He’s keen to move on from Hamish’s death, but Sheila feels uncomfortable as she spent a lot of time with Hamish. Can Sheila move on with her life and start afresh with Clive?