Elly cancels her date with Mark at the Melbourne Star. She turns to Leo and explains that she’s hurt by Paige’s actions, but Leo tells Elly to fight for her man. Meanwhile, Paige turns to David and confesses that she has deep feelings for Mark, so he tells her to be honest and put herself on the line. Both ladies realise that Mark is alone at the Melbourne Star and race there to say how they feel. Who will Mark choose?

Meanwhile, Sonya confides in Steph that the therapist wanted to see Toadie alone. Toadie tells them both that the therapist wants him to seek counselling by himself, but he’s reluctant. Sonya speaks to him privately about the idea but he brushes her concerns away. Later, Sonya speaks to Toadie and gets him to open up about why he doesn’t want to see a counsellor by himself. What is Toadie scared of?

Also, Yashvi still feels awful for hurting Ben, and she realises the extent of the pain she has caused when she finds out that Ben is no longer performing at the Liveability campaign. She tries to makes amends but nothing can get him out of his funk. So she turns to Mishti who advises Yashvi to carry out a thoughtful gesture. Yashvi comes up with a plan – but will it put a smile on Ben’s face?