Paige’s brother makes a surprise visit

Paige is alarmed when her brother, Ethan, turns up for a surprise visit. Paige reluctantly agrees to let him stay the night but to her horror, he flirts with Imogen – her sister – and has a near-miss with Brad, who would recognise him from the trip to South Australia. Paige warns him to stay away from Imogen, but Ethan thinks Imogen isn’t that bad and admits he’s more worried about Paige – reminding her that she’s capable of losing the plot when her emotions get the better of her. However, Paige assures him she won’t let her bad temper get the better of her this time…

Georgia is still upset by the loss of Sheila’s heirloom ring, until Naomi’s guilt gets the better of her and she magically ‘finds’ it. With no other source of money to pay off Lee, her fake stalker, Naomi allows Lee to ‘steal’ Paul’s car.

But when she photographs him taking it and then threatens to show the photos to the police, Lee scarpers. Oblivious to her shenanigans, Paul is grateful.

Kyle learns from Terese that his so-called ‘new orders’ for beds are not really orders… Georgia has been paying him, pretending it’s from the charity. It’s a blow to Kyle’s ego and to Georgia’s dismay Kyle questions their suitability for marriage.