Paige’s search for her family is a disaster

Paige takes the opportunity to do some early detective work into her family, discovering that she has three half siblings. One of those siblings is almost her age, leaving Paige disturbed that her parents gave her up. She’s about to confront her parents when she realises Lauren and Brad are not married and there is more than one family to contend with; a lesson brought home starkly as she propositions Josh, only to realise that he is in fact another brother. The day is a disaster as Paige realises there is a lot more to this story than she could have imagined.

When Josh insists on training with the new girl in town, Paige, and sparks fly, Amber disregards Josh’s wishes and spends the morning with Daniel. Their friendship only deepens and after an impassioned plea in which she reiterates the non-sexual connection she shares with Daniel, Amber wins Josh’s trust… only to be forced to question that for herself when she sees Daniel with his shirt off.

Georgia’s anxiety over the state of her relationship with Kyle boils over and she demands answers. Laying their hearts out on the table, they are thrilled to be reunited.

Chris, on the other hand, suddenly finds himself more alone then ever after breaking up with Will.