Martha and John’s fight to win a seat on the local council is heating up and the day for their public debate is at hand. There are very few women present and Colleen reckons John has stacked the meeting with his own cronies. John’s speech goes down well with much of the audience. Hecklers give Martha a hard time initially, but she wins some respect for the way she handles them and then garners applause for her earthy well-grounded policies.

Robertson arrests Ruby and takes her in for an interview. Ruby holds out for some time, before admitting that she and Xavier fabricated the alibi. Robertson decides not to charge her, but is quick to suspend Charlie from work. Robertson and Angelo pay Ross a visit and search his nursing home room. When the day is done, Robertson makes a surprise arrest over Grant Bledcoe’s murder.

Ruby demands to know why Xavier did what he did. Xavier tells her about the pressure Robertson put him under, but Ruby doesn’t buy it. Seeing Geoff comforting Ruby, a jealous Xavier comes clean. Robertson told him that Ruby was using him and seeing her here with Geoff, Ruby shouldn’t need to ask why Xavier eventually caved in.

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