Les and Pam invite Ben round for dinner and they’re soon talking about next week’s plea hearing. Les is worried that Paul’s killers may plead not guilty. Determined to make them see the truth of their actions, Pam wants to visit them. Although Les insists that Pam needs to stay out of it, Pam later tells Honey she can’t keep the promise she made… She needs to talk to Paul’s killers.

Martin has some good news for Stacey about their flat, revealing that they are able to get out of the contract if they want to move. Knowing that there are a lot of upfront costs involved, Martin can’t see how they can raise the money without help. When Martin approaches Ian, he’s disappointed when Ian insists that they don’t have the funds.

Jane asks to look at the restaurant books after Ian’s discussion with Martin, sure she can find a way to release some cash. Hearing of Jane’s plan, Steven is alarmed, knowing she’ll discover what he’s been hiding. After putting off Jane, Steven is relieved when Jane finds another way to help Martin and Stacey.