Pam finds out about Molly and Kevin!

Kevin and Molly arrange another secret date. But when Pam overhears Molly lying to Dev, asking for time off because her dad’s ill, she smells a rat. After checking Molly’s story with Tyrone, and forcing Molly to lie again, she becomes suspicious. Molly, meanwhile, is oblivious as she and Kevin play at husband and wife, by visiting a show home and calling themselves Mr and Mrs Webster. But as they arrive back in the pick-up truck and share a steamy kiss they’re watched by a stunned Pam.

Tony breathes a sigh of relief as Helen and Barry leave for Ireland. But his relief is short lived when Maria tells him she thinks they should get in touch with Carla and tell her about their engagement. Knowing he can’t let Maria talk to Carla, Tony starts to panic as he tries to figure out his next move.

Michelle spots a damp patch on the ceiling of her flat and she asks Bill to take a look at it. But when Bill gives Dev the estimate for the roof repairs Dev’s horrified and decides to look for a cheaper solution.

Also; Norris struggles with another employee at the Kabin. This time it’s Joan, a lady who seems to seriously lack in conversational skills.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Molly’s starting to crumble and when Tyrone asks how her dad is she snaps at him. Hurt, Tyrone leaves to take Minnie out for a test drive in her car. But when Molly flies off the handle again, Tyrone’s totally bemused. Pam however, is onto the real reason and confronting Molly about her dad, she tells her she knows about her affair with Kevin as she saw them kiss. As Tyrone arrives home Pam issues Molly with an ultimatum.

Tony can breath easily again when Maria tells him not to phone Carla. Euphoric Tony buys Maria an engagement ring and suggests they go to Cyprus to give her parents the good news. Oblivious to the man behind the mask Maria agrees.

Norris is finding Joan’s continual silence unbearable. But just when he thinks he can take no more Joan stuns him by saying how much she enjoys working with him.

Also; Ben tells Ryan that his parents are going to look after his grandma in Southampton and he’s got nowhere to stay, Ryan persuades Michelle to let him stay with them; Dev tells Bill he’s found a cheaper builder to fix the roof on Michelle’s flat.

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