Pam pushes Les away

Pam is in a bad way on the anniversary of their son’s death. When Les tries to get through to her, Pam refuses to talk about it. After turning to Patrick for support, Les is given food for thought about how to deal with Pam. When his attempt to talk to Pam fails, Les is pushed into the arms of Claudette…

Determined to build bridges with Ben, Kathy heads to the Mitchells’ begging him to talk to her. When Ben finally opens up about how difficult life has been without her, Kathy is shocked as Ben admits he’s gay. Touched by Kathy’s support, Ben finally warms to Kathy and they hug. Slipping up over her words, Kathy is forced to admit that Gavin has Phil held hostage and she needs money to pay off Gavin.

Kush finds Shabnam talking to Jade’s social worker Fiona, later realising that Shabnam hasn’t told Fiona about Zaair. Determined to make sure everything’s clear, Kush meets up with Fiona to tell her about losing their son.

Also, Roxy offers to be Salon Manager at Blades when Dean’s jealous of her spending time with Masood on the market stall.