Pam reveals her dark secret

Pam struggles on the anniversary of her son’s death, worried Emma will discover her secret. Billy is suspicious that Pam has something to hide when he realises she’s avoiding Emma. Putting on a brave face, Pam offers to collect Janet from school, but is late returning. A worried Billy snaps at Pam and takes Janet home. Later, Pam and Les turn up at Billy’s for William’s birthday party. When Billy is unwelcoming, Pam decides to explain her strange mood, revealing that she killed somebody!

Linda is horrified when Mick claims he’s changed his mind about having another baby. When Linda insists it’s not the right time, Mick is disappointed. After confiding in Stan, Mick learns that his own mum went to stay with Aunt Babe when she was pregnant with him. Later, Linda passionately kisses Mick to reassure him when he says he’s scared of losing her.

Fatboy worries that something has happened to Dot when he discovers Charlie and Yvonne are covering for her in the launderette. Heading to Dot’s, Fatboy is concerned when no one answers. Confronting Charlie, Fatboy demands to know where Dot is. Concerned Fatboy will find Nick, Charlie asks for his door key back.