Pat and Michael make a dangerous pact

Derek sees Liam sulking in the Square after Pat refuses to give him money to buy new trainers. Derek offers Liam cash to steal scrap metal from the condemned bed and breakfast. Pat intervenes when she sees them talking and sends Liam back home. Michael also witnesses the exchange and, annoyed with Derek’s recent flirting with Janine, offers to team up with Pat to get rid of Derek.

In the Vic, Anthony and Tyler talk to Derek about one of the deals they had with him. Derek’s parole officer Joseph is in the Vic and overhears. Derek plays dumb, but by the look on Michael and Pat’s faces it’s clear who tipped off Joseph. Later, Derek lets himself into Pat’s and tells her menacingly to keep her mouth shut in the future. After Derek leaves, Patrick finds Pat collapsed on the floor.

The Masoods are in hospital at Tamwar’s bedside as he was badly hurt in the bed and breakfast fire. Afia learns that her father’s body has been found. Zainab is grateful to Masood for the support he’s given her and she tells him she loves him and asks him to move home.

Meanwhile, Phil is arrested for the murder of Kevin Wicks!