Pat and Shirley are worried as the police are sniffing around about the cut-and-shut car that Kevin was killed in. Darren knows that Kevin got the cars from Phil, but he’s worried about ratting on a Mitchell. Pat confronts Phil and tells him that she knows all about the cars but she is trying to keep it quiet from the kids.

Tanya wakes to find Sean next to her and she panics that the girls will see him, but Sean sneaks out unseen. Max sees Tanya and he insists on moving back in, but she is horrified and puts her foot down. Later, a devious Max sees Abi and asks her to bring him the spare keys. Tanya takes the kids out for dinner and when they return, Max is there…

Bradley is late turning up for his job on the market and Dot makes excuses for him to his boss Mr Lister. Bradley forces himself to go out and he has an altercation with Stacey. Mr Lister tells Bradley to leave it out – he sacked him earlier that morning! Bradley’s mum Rachel arrives after a call from Dot and Bradley breaks down.

Also, Preeti considers leaving the Square; Jack’s plans for a romantic night with Ronnie go wrong.

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