Pat dusts off the family skeleton

Pat is at a condemned former asylum and she begs the security guard to let her in as she has a letter about her relative’s belongings. The guard refuses but Len helps Pat break in and Pat reveals that she had a Down’s Syndrome sister Joan, who was sent to the asylum as a child but died in her 20s. The pair are sprung by the guard who calls the police, but Pat has just enough time to find her sister’s file in the old office. Her sister was transferred to another home in 1989 – could she still be alive?

Dawn is surprised by Garry’s swift exit from the room but the man she’s picked up, Matt, is even more surprised to discover that Dawn has a baby daughter. Dawn kicks Matt out when he makes it clear he’s not interested in having a baby around.

Heather laments her bad luck with men and Shirley takes her to a karaoke bar to get ratted. Heather is excited when she’s chatted up by a guy called Clive but she’s left humiliated when it turns out it was a big wind-up to amuse his mates.

Also, Minty and Hazel reveal their relationship to Garry and he’s horrified.

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