Pat finds out Peggy’s secret

Peggy cancels a lunch date with Pat to spend time with Archie. Meanwhile, Janine worries that Archie planned to put out the fire all along to win round Peggy. Pat has an encounter with Archie and is suspicious that he and Peggy are up to something. Peggy calls Pat from Archie’s to rearrange lunch and put her off the scent. Pat does call return after their conversation and is shocked when Archie answers the phone.

Owen tries to sneak out of the Vic after spending the night with Ronnie, but Denise sees him. Roxy later finds Owen waiting upstairs for Ronnie and realises that he and Ronnie slept together. Denise confronts Ronnie about Owen and she accuses Denise of still being in love with him. Owen overhears and it sets him wondering and he later tells Denise that he was only doing odd jobs at the Vic and she got the wrong idea.

Jay discovers that Lucy has been avoiding school and worries that she’s scared after the mugging. Jay asks Owen if he can give Lucy some self-defence lessons. Lucy is reluctant, but Jay goads her into having a lesson and in response she knocks him to the floor!

Also, Whitney gets an order for 500 T-shirts.

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