Pat nears the end

In this special hour-long New Year’s Day episode, Pat lies seriously ill in bed as the family gather at her bedside. Max, Tanya, Dot and Derek arrive to see Pat. Derek cruelly goads Pat about nearing the end. Tanya is disgusted by Derek’s behaviour and Max throws him out. Dot comforts her old friend and Pat rallies, insisting on getting out of bed. Pat sends Whitney to the Vic to buy her a bottle of gin.

The strain of going downstairs is too much for Pat and she doubles over in pain. Ian has just arrived with Mandy and helps Pat back to bed. Mandy tries to reach out to Ricky, but he pushes her away. Bianca is suspicious there’s something going on between them. Ian and Mandy leave Pat’s and Ian’s left devastated when Mandy reveals she slept with Ricky – and it was great.

Meanwhile, things are awkward between Janine and Michael as Janine insists she’s getting an abortion. Janine heads to Pat’s to get her loan money and is shocked to discover Pat is dying. They have a heart-to-heart and Janine decides to keep the baby. Pat’s pleased when her son David turns up. Pat confesses to David she’s terrified of dying and she passes away in his arms…