Pat storms into Janine’s wedding

Ricky and Billy look up synagogues in Ilford and set off to Janine’s wedding. Billy and Ricky arrive to see Janine stepping out of a Roll’s Royce in a designer wedding dress. Janine is momentarily panicked when she sees Billy, but she regains her composure. Ricky and Billy keep their peace during the ceremony but Pat storms in and shouts out Janine’s name…

Roxy is nervous about Amy’s homecoming when she can’t get hold of Sean. Archie offers to take Roxy to the hospital but they are interrupted by Sean, who has been putting a baby seat in the jeep. Sean is angry when Roxy insists she wants to go in Archie’s car and he storms off. Archie is quietly pleased that he’s stirred up things between the couple yet again.

Heather is surprised when Reverend Stevens reveals that Dot has donated a large sum of money for the church roof restoration fund. The money arrived with an anonymous note, but he recognised Dot’s handwriting. Rev Stevens worries that Dot has given him her life savings, but Dot insists she can afford it.

Also, Archie tells Suzy he owes her a favour; Patrick has had a shoplifter at the Minute Mart.

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