Pat suspects that bad Janine is back!

Pat is suspicious of Janine and gets her out of the house so she can investigate. Pat finds a sickly looking Ryan inside. Janine gets back just in time and lies to Pat that Ryan is poorly with the flu. Meanwhile, Stacey’s annoyed she’s been stood up by Ryan.

Phil gives Jay a boxing robe with ‘Jay Mitchell’ on the back. But Jay’s worried Phil will sideline him when he gives a job to Connor over him. Jay and Phil go to have his name changed. But their celebrations are later interrupted by Ian and Jane with Ben…

Carol wants to know why Connor’s still hanging around. Connor tries it on with her, but she tells him to keep his distance. Connor flirts with Whitney to make Carol jealous and it works.

Also, Glenda goes to work on seducing Phil at the Arches, but they’re interrupted by Ian; and Billy’s relieved when Julie returns to Walford after her hearing and kisses her!

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