Patrick and Lucas have a hold over each other

Patrick warns Lucas to tell Denise that he hasn’t started proceedings to divorce Trina. Patrick warns Lucas that he won’t let him hurt Denise and Lucas is furious about his interference. Meanwhile, Chelsea is chuffed when Theo invites her to lunch at the cafe and he reveals that he’s writing an article about the 1980s Notting Hill riots and he wants to interview former Notting Hill resident Patrick as part of his research.

Theo leaves Chelsea with the press cuttings while he makes a phone call and he talks to a mysterious person and tells them that he’s working on Chelsea to help him out. Meanwhile, Chelsea flicks through the press cuttings and is stunned to find an article about Patrick being done for assault.

Chelsea shows Lucas, who tries to talk to Patrick about the riots but Patrick won’t take the bait. Theo gets Gaynor from Booty to call Chelsea and get her over to the pub. Chelsea is stunned to see him and realises that she’s been set up. Theo asks Chelsea to help her out or Patrick could get hurt. Patrick is shaken when Lucas shows him the article that Chelsea stole from Theo and smugly tells him that he’ll keep Patrick’s little secret if Patrick will keep his.