Patrick begs Maxine for another chance

Maxine and Patrick’s wedding day is approaching. But when Dennis comes to the flat, Patrick takes his phone off of him, locks him in the bedroom and forces Maxine into the back of their car. Maxine shows Patrick a photo of her and Mitzeee from when they were little and tells him she doesn’t want to marry him. Patrick leaves the car in tears, she follows him and he begs her to stay with him. A exhausted Maxine gives in again and the pair hug.

Freddie has an exciting business proposition for Mercedes but can he persuade her to go for it? Later, Mercedes goes to the police station to retract her statement, but Sonny asks her who Rhys is. Holly makes up a story that Rhys is a doctor in America and he was charging Cindy for help with Hilton.

Also, Holly attempts to reconcile with an old flame…