Patrick buys Maxine an unusual gift

Patrick has a light-bulb moment and surprises Maxine with an unusual gift – a dog, Dexter. He orders her to walk him three times a day: 7am, 1pm and 10pm – he has his control back over his girlfriend.

Mercedes is on a mission to get her friends back and goes to see Cindy and Hilton but is told to leave. When she arrives home, Alex Browning is there talking to Nana. She tries to throw him out but he tells her his mum has already chucked him out for wanting to help Hilton. Mercedes and Nana agree to let Alex stay, but can Mercedes resist the temptation of sleeping with him again? Cindy and Lindsey decide to forgive Mercedes, and Cindy asks her to be Hilton’s godmother.

Unbeknown to the three friends, Alex is planning to find out exactly what happened to his dad and checks Mercedes’ emails. She catches him in the act, but suddenly he kisses her and she doesn’t stop him.

Cindy and Lindsey make Mercedes choose between them and Alex. Cindy confronts Alex about checking up on Mercedes and implicates herself in his investigations. She wins him round and asks him to be Hilton’s godfather. Later, Alex finds Browning’s wedding ring on Dirk’s boat…