Patrick discovers Ian’s dirty secret

Ian is left sweating when Denise almost answers the phone to Rainie. When Denise suggests they put off their wedding for a while, Ian panics, getting Patrick to talk her round. Later, as Ian gets rid of Rainie when she turns up at the Beales’, Patrick sees her leaving. Rainie quickly fills in Patrick on what Ian was up to with her the night Lucy died, causing a furious Patrick to confront Ian.

Sharon is still a nervous wreck after the bar attack. Feeling guilty about leaving Sharon on her own with Dennis, Phil arranges for Lola to visit. When Sharon later finds Dennis in her bedroom and about to find the hidden gun, she grabs and shakes him. A teary Dennis runs off and is found by Shirley. Realising Sharon isn’t coping, Phil arranges for a doctor to pop in, who prescribes anti-anxiety medication.

Jay still can’t believe that he found Max with DC Summerhayes, confronting him about his latest indiscretion. Max begs Jay not to tell Lauren, who has only just moved back in. Max assures Jay that he’s finished with Emma. As soon as Jay leaves, Max calls Emma and asks to see her again.

Also, Jake is out of prison but decides to leave Walford.