As Sienna is sectioned Patrick’s in despair after the events of yesterday and is worried that Sienna is truly lost to him for good. Patrick visits his fragile daughter and worries when she thinks her baby Sophie is still alive. Back at home, Patrick looks through some photos, landing on one of a little girl. He turns it over to read ‘Sophie, aged 4’ – she is alive!

Robbie tells Finn if he wants to make it up to him, he can help him get one over on John Paul. The teacher gets a text from Danny asking him to come over while the rest of the family is out. But when he arrives, someone puts a blindfold over his eyes.

Meanwhile, Ste offers to help his little sister, Peri when she wants to fit in at school and takes her shopping. Sam is furious at the inappropriate outfits Ste has allowed the 13 year old to buy.