Patrick finds Maxine doing community service

Nancy can’t stop thinking of John Paul as she takes over his job at Hollyoaks High. Her first day doesn’t start well when her first class includes Robbie Roscoe. However, she gets the upper hand and embarrasses the mouthy teen. Darren is downhearted when Nancy forgets about their lunch date and tells him she has to supervise a field trip with Patrick. On the field trip, Patrick is horrified to see Maxine washing graffiti off the walls in The Folly and tells her icily he’ll see her at home…

Peri wakes up and tells Danny to stay away from her. After talking to Ste, Danny admits defeat and decides to tell Sam the truth. But he’s interrupted at the hospital by Lindsey, who tells the family that Peri has a brain tumour.

Blessing is determined to cheer Sinead up and takes her to Dennis’ emporium to play dress-up. When Maxine brings Dexter in and asks Dennis to look after him for the day, Blessing is tickled to see that Dennis is afraid of dogs. Sinead despairs when she sees Diane walk past with Katy.