Patrick foils Sienna’s plan to escape!

A desperate Sienna tries to escape from the boiler room but her plan is foiled when her captor Patrick turns up and stops her in her tracks. Later, Sienna disconnects a pipe in the boiler room and water gushes out. Surely someone will find her now… or has she put herself in real danger?

Elsewhere, Patrick is determined to regain control over Maxine and Dodger at any cost. When sees them heading into the hospital for a check-up, he tells them they’ll regret cutting him out of his baby’s life, so Maxine invites Patrick to her next scan.

Also, having been encouraged by Myra to go and visit Cindy, Dirk turns up at the psychiatric ward but is heartbroken that Cindy is still talking about Rhys.

And Nancy is worried that her affair with Rick will come out when she has to take the stand at Finn’s trial.