Patrick tells Denise that he wants a quiet birthday, insisting he doesn’t want her spending money on him. Although Patrick protests, Denise insists that he go for a drink at The Vic. Meanwhile, Yolande is back in the Square for a visit as she has some important Minute Mart business to discuss with Derek. Before she leaves she pops into The Vic to wish Patrick happy birthday. How will he feel about seeing her?

There’s more birthday celebrations to think about – this time for Mick – as he gets stuck into arranging a 40th birthday party for Linda. When Shirley sees how much effort he’s putting in, she wonders why he wants to make things so perfect.

Carmel realises the market is in disarray since she took up her new job with the council. They finally find a new part-time Market Enforcement Officer… Robbie Jackson!

Also, Dot has a bad fall.