Patrick is shocked by Denise’s plan

Patrick is concerned about what Denise is up to, talking to Shirley and Kathy. Learning Denise is planning to go see Lucas, Patrick insists Denise think again. When Denise won’t back down, Patrick decides to go with them. Surprised to discover they’re meeting with Lucas’ governor to talk about a work scheme, Patrick snaps. Lucas speaks to Jordan, revealing the work scheme has been approved… Before dropping another bombshell.

Linda is worried that Nancy has quit The Vic, deciding to check up on her. Donna, sick of Nancy’s moaning, gets her to cover her stall for her, setting Nancy a challenge. After some supportive words from Jane, Linda has an idea, giving free drinks to any Vic customer who buys an item from Nancy. Closing up after a successful day, Nancy agrees to go to The Vic with Donna to show she’s in control of her life.

Claudette’s claim she wants money from Vincent to help Donna begins to fall apart when Vincent realises Claudette wants the cash for herself. Despite the set back, Claudette pushes ahead with her plan, arranging to meet her blackmailer on Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, Honey is stung when Ronnie tells her to stop interfering after Honey checks with her about Jack.