Patrick flaunts Minnie in front of Maxine prompting Maxine to run off. Darren begs Ben for help, thinking she will do something to harm herself. Darren finds Maxine safe, buying a car to start a new business in order to secure a future for her and Minnie. Meanwhile, Patrick manipulates Sienna into dumping Ben. She does but she’s heartbroken and later finds a letter from Patrick’s insurance company – all his inheritance is going to Theresa and Minnie, so Sienna decides to get her own back. She rings the insurance company and tells them Patrick is committing fraud.

Meanwhile, Ben questions Lisa. She tells him that a woman, Yvonne, told her that Simone and Louis were dead and took her from school. She ran away from Yvonne five years ago and has been squatting ever since. Suspicious Simone doesn’t believe that this girl is her daughter, especially when she can’t find the birthmark Lisa had. When Lisa shows her a locket from when she was little, Simone still isn’t convinced until Zack talks her round. The Lovedays return home to find Lisa is gone again – Simone blames herself.

Also, Jason is increasingly jealous of Holly and Zack’s relationship. Later, Cindy absentmindedly uses Jason’s name for a character in her erotic novel before realising her mistake and changing it to ‘Jaden’.