Patrick’s return spells trouble for Dodger… and Sienna!

Maxine’s surprised when Dodger turns up at the boarding house. He’s desperate to make her stay, but she tells him she’s not staying for long. And it seems it’s not Dodger’s day when Patrick returns to the village. He’s not happy to find Dodger’s been staying at his flat and puts his son’s belongings into a bin bag.

When Sienna tries to protect her brother and announces she’s moving out too, Patrick threatens her with prison – she has to stay at his flat as part of her bail conditions. Patrick grabs Sienna and, as she slips over, she bangs her head on a cabinet. But the knock doesn’t dent Sienna’s confidence and she realises she can use the incident as leverage against her controlling father!

Also, there’s more trouble at the heart of the Roscoe dynasty when Sandy decides to leave and stay with their Aunt Marge when she finds out about the rigged limo and that both Freddie and Joe are capable of murder.