Patti unwittingly tells Jack everything!

Jack shows off posters for his concierge service, Karen puts one up in The Mill where Patti sees Freya and tells her that she is feeling much better. Freya encourages Patti to sort things out while she has the energy and Patti spots Jack’s poster. Delighted Jack goes round to Patti’s, where she asks him to help sort through some old junk.

Jack spots Freya’s picture and asks how Patti knows her; when Jack innocently mentions his mum works at The Mill and his dad is a policeman Patti confesses about them lying to the trial. Jack is confused but reassures her. Later, he tells Karen, who calls Freya; she urges her to come clean to Howard and Kevin.

Meanwhile, keen to impress, Kevin takes Michaela to an art gallery for their date. Michaela sees through his bravado and teases him. Later, she tells him he doesn’t need to pretend, she likes him for who he is.

Also, Jimmi meets two patients desperate to help a young man see that life on the outside is a better alternative than prison.