Paul and Jonny marry – twice

Paul and Jonny wake on the morning of the wedding to scenes of chaos as the simmering feud between Val and Rodney has escalated. Paul has thoroughly had enough of the parental bickering that is threatening to ruin his big day and he persuades Jonny into taking a vacant slot at the register office to get married without any fuss. When the newlyweds return to the village they can’t bring themselves to tell their expectant friends and family what they’ve done and they go through with Val and Rodney’s wedding, roping in a friend to pretend to be the registrar! Matthew is determined not to let the council refuse contract go to the De Souzas and he tells Carl to bribe Eric to make the tender go their way. Pollard is happy to take the cash and he visit Councillor May to talk him into giving the Kings the contract. Pollard is stunned when his old flirtation Rosalind walks into the room and reveals that she is Councillor May’s wife. Rosalind seductively suggests that if Pollard gives her what she wants, she can talk her husband into anything… Also, Jonny’s mum Patricia (Vicki Michelle) arrives for the wedding, along with former resident Emily.