Locked in the wine cellar, the chemistry is electric between Paul and Rosie. They have a heart to heart with Rosie confessing she’s still a virgin and Paul declaring his love for Lyn. But Paul’s admission only serves to increase Rosie’s attraction towards him, and after a night spent alone together, the pair share a passionate kiss.

In the morning, after being let out by a waiter, guilty Paul flees home, leaving Rosie bewildered. Meanwhile, Lyn is fretting about Paul’s disappearance and Steph and Boyd are worried that Paul has betrayed her. When Paul returns, Frazer ends up having a go at him, only for Paul to slap him in the face.

Steph is suspicious about what Boyd is up to when he lies about the identity of ‘Glenn’ from Tasmania, before she overhears him on the phone to Glenn, telling her not to contact him again. Steph confronts Boyd, who declares his innocence, but Steph warns him not to do anything which would threaten his marriage.

Toadie takes on Lou’s discrimination case against Bonzair and Lou is hopeful he’ll see Mishka again when the airline relent and offer him a trainee position as air steward on the Melbourne to Moscow route.

Also, Frazer’s lack of success with Rosie prompts him to announce his departure from number 30.