Paul and Sheila get trapped in the cool room

When Paul and Sheila find themselves locked in The Waterhole cool room, their bickering about who is to blame quickly turns to worry. The unlikely pair cuddle for body warmth and start to open up emotionally. Surprisingly the pair find themselves mucking about and having fun together.

Bailey’s thrilled to discover he’s through to the next round of the Space Camp application process. But his joy is tempered by the thought of the next round’s task – to deliver a talk in public. The next day – to Bailey’s horror – Susan asks him to give an impromptu presentation in class. But it’s a disaster, leaving Alice to hijack his talk and rob him of his chance to overcome his phobia.

Josh goes to Naomi, looking to reconnect romantically, but she rejects him, having just been fired. And with nothing else to do, Josh looks for other prospects – hooking up with a Ziva-sourced fling. When Imogen questions him, Josh reveals that he’s been looking for work but he hasn’t found anything challenging yet, so until he does – he’s going to enjoy his life.

Meanwhile, the gym leaves a message, asking Brad to interview for a job. Brad’s excited – until the gym’s interim manager, Eli, reveals they called the wrong Willis. They actually wanted Josh.