Paul attempts sabotage

In an effort to sabotage Elle’s business plans, Paul sends information he stole from Oliver to Lassiter’s competitors Fox. But Fox are dismissive of Paul, reminding him that he’s a dying man whose time is almost up. Later, Paul is shocked when Fox plays dirty, ransacking Elle’s home in an attempt to frighten her.

Rosie’s humiliation turns to joy when Frazer reveals he rejected her proposal, because he wanted to ask her first. After spending a romantic afternoon at the races, the happy couple return home to announce their good news. Pepper is thrilled, but Frazer notices her over-the-top reaction, and vows to discover what’s wrong.

The locked-up teens’ game of spin the bottle creates tension when Ringo and Lolly share a hot kiss. Rachel is forced to pretend that she feels fine about it. Meanwhile, Bree realises she and Zeke will never have the same spark, and ends their relationship.

Karl and Susan have a heart to heart about their future and Karl stuns Susan by passing on Izzy’s request that she becomes Holly’s godmother. When Zeke and Rachel arrive home, they are delighted to find Susan is home, and everything back on track.