Susan’s upset when she realises that she has missed her appointment to have Libby’s egg implanted and so asks Paul to drive her to the hospital. When they arrive, Susan is blocked by bureaucracy, until Paul steps in and threatens to pull his hospital funding if Susan doesn’t get another appointment. Paul turns out to be a hero for an unlikely cause, and a bond is formed between two sworn enemies.

Declan misses his family and tries to keep busy with domestic duties. However, he’s worried when he can’t get in touch with his wife. When Paul calls, he can’t help but show his disappointment that it’s not Bridget. However, Paul ropes him into helping him plan his wedding to Rebecca.

Declan arrives to help Paul, but he’s not at the cafe where they planned to meet. Declan finds himself bonding with Kate, who encourages him to use the experience of his own wedding together with what he knows Rebecca loves. Declan relives his special day with Bridget, tragically unaware of the disaster that’s befallen the Parkers.

Meanwhile, a survivor crawls from the wreckage of the Parker car, groggy with shock. Can Steve find help in time?