Paul beds Kirsten

Paul finds it difficult to curb his attraction to Kirsten, and his desire increases when she makes it clear how damaging them getting together would be. When Rebecca puts herself and her work before their relationship, Paul finds no reason to continue denying himself what he really wants, and charms Kirsten into a hotel room.

With Dan’s wife in town, Libby knows she has a rival. Meanwhile, Sam’s reluctance to give Dan a divorce causes him to lose his cool. He lays into her about the extent of the hurt she caused him and his comments encourage Sam to believe they can rebuild their relationship. Instead of agreeing to a divorce, Sam asks Dan to give them a chance.

Steph returns to find Toadie with his bags packed, ready to move out. Realising that Toadie isn’t ready to let her back into his life, she is further hurt when he forces the issue of his relationship with Charlie. Steph agrees that Toadie’s connection to Charlie is important to both of them, and they can still spend time together, which redeems herself a little in Toadie’s eyes.

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