Having failed to escape, Elle is still in Pete’s clutches after Paul’s editorial miscalculation, while Karl and Libby are relieved to see Susan is OK. Paul is close to breaking point when Pete calls again and offers to release Elle in exchange for Steve Parker. A desperate Paul agrees the police won’t be involved and seeks Steve’s co-operation. Despite Miranda’s strong objections, Steve agrees and Elle is released.

It looks like Steve could be in big trouble until Miranda and Nicola hatch a plan to come to his rescue. As the women join forces, Steve is set free and Pete taken into custody. Back at home, Nicola finally tells her sister and brother-in-law that she fears Pete could have infected her with HIV. Sympathetic Miranda offers Nicola a fresh start but Steve is not so sure.

Elle is furious with her father for abandoning her, but comes round after Rebecca tells her how much Paul loves her. Paul thanks Rebecca for talking to Elle.

Libby is confused by the mixed messages she’s receiving from Dan. Later, Dan gets some bad news when Lucas reveals he is taking over the garage from Ned and intends to stay put in Erinsborough for longer than Dan had hoped.