Having transferred Steph’s confession onto a memory stick, Paul is feeling very smug. When Paul bumps into Toadie, he gives him one last chance to hand over the incriminating evidence he has on Paul. However, when Toadie refuses, Paul hands him the memory stick and tells him to listen. At home, Toadie is listening to the recording when Steph and Lyn walk in. The trio are horrified when they realise Paul knows their secret.

Toadie tells Paul he will get rid of his evidence on him, if Paul keeps quiet about the recording. Paul agrees on the condition that Toadie helps him bring down Diana. Will Toadie agree?

Donna and Ringo are making the final preparations for their wedding, but are struggling with the cost. With Nick paying for the catering and Zeke as DJ, they have managed to save money. When Donna sees her dream dress, Ringo wants to buy it for her. However, the dress has been sold. What lengths will a disappointed Donna go to to get her dream dress?

Later, Paul hands Toadie a file containing bank details and instructs him to make it look like it was Diana who embezzled the money from Lassiters. Toadie is horrified but knows he has no choice. However, he calls Diana – he wants to offer her a deal…

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