Paul blames Ajay for the party chaos

Paul channels his guilt into anger and openly blames Ajay for the delayed police response time at Tash’s party. Ajay is determined to get to the bottom of why the police didn’t show up when first called, and his findings lead him to suspect the first call never actually happened.

However, as Paul covers his tracks, Ajay’s investigation meets a dead end. Meanwhile, Paul asks Susan to cover the public response to the debacle and she discovers that internet troublemaker Conrad Jackson is in fact Paul Robinson…

Chris worries about how Tash is coping and when Aidan gets fed up of Chris always making excuses for her, Chris is forced to choose whom to support – his friend or his boyfriend. Choosing Tash, Chris fears he’s blown things with Aidan, only to discover his boyfriend is harder to scare off than that.

Sophie discovers her amp was trashed in the party, and understands the effect of the vandalism she caused at Erinsborough High. Deciding to do the right thing, Sophie asks Paul to arrange a meeting with Priya for her: she wants to apologise.