Paul boosts Declan’s footy chances

On the eve of the premiership game, Declan fears Rebecca standing in as the Dingoes’ coach may cost him his chance to be spotted by an AFL scout. His worry compounds when he realises he has competition from Ringo, who also dreams of a professional football career. Unable to hurt his mother’s feelings, Declan shares his concern with Paul who agrees to do something about it.

The boys’ aspirations soar when Paul brings in a league coach for the game. It pains Paul to hurt Rebecca’s feelings when the gig meant so much to her, but he takes the heat for Declan’s sake. In the minutes leading up to the game, Rebecca and Declan bond over what this game means to him, and Declan and Ringo prepare to do battle as friends and adversaries.

Toadie and Steph arrive at Callum’s aunt’s to get Callum back. But Robyn refuses to destabilise Callum’s new life and sends Toadie on his way. Toadie refuses to believe Callum is happy there, until he sees it with his own eyes – and he’s devastated. What he doesn’t realise is that Callum wants to return home just as much as Toadie wants him to.

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