Paul warns Matt not to tell Brennan anything else about Kate’s murder investigation – he’s not a cop and he’s not family. Brennan takes out his frustration while visiting Chris in hospital, telling him not to waste his time waiting for Hudson. Later, Matt officially informs Brennan that he can no longer give him updates due to Paul putting a complaint in to Matt’s supervisors.

Brennan confronts Paul and things get physical but Sonya stops the men before things get too violent. Paul tries to get Matt to arrest Brennan, and though he’s not keen he agrees to contact Sonya, the key witness, and investigate.

After Naomi moves the meeting with the Chilean client to this evening, Sonya gets Naomi to fill in for her. Sheila is suspicious and discovers the move was Naomi’s idea. At the meeting, Naomi and Toadie make quite the team and when Toadie receives a text from Sonya, he’s pleased to reveal that she can make the meeting after all.

However, Naomi suggests that Sonya shouldn’t join them – voicing her fears that a discussion about environmental policies might send the client the wrong message. A reluctant Toadie agrees. Meanwhile, Sheila heads down to the office to check up on her daughter – walking in on Toadie and Naomi having a celebratory drink. She accuses Naomi of trying to seduce another woman’s husband and Naomi’s hurt that her mother doesn’t trust her.

Chris is depressed in his hospital bed and feels even worse when Hudson cancels their next scheduled Video Call. Sick of feeling lonely all the time, he decides to call Will for a date.