Paul collapses!

Fresh from his break-up with Naomi, Tyler insists a night out with the boys will distract Brennan. Elsewhere, Naomi offers to buy the hotel from Paul and they enjoy a drink at the bar with Karl and Georgia. Meanwhile, Naomi tells Sheila she has feelings for Paul but the revelation is cut short when Paul suddenly collapses.

Josh feels sorry for Danni when she’s harassed by Imogen and tells her he’s willing to listen if she needs to talk. Putting aside her mistrust, Danni explains her guilt over killing Matt while Josh shares his own misguided efforts to purge his guilt over Chris. Imogen sees Josh and Danni talking and voices her disapproval. Annoyed, Josh reminds Imogen that not every situation is black and white.

Buoyed by the donations flooding the hospital for the cancer centre, Dr. Nick is feeling confident and tells Paul he’s sure he will recover soon. It seems Nick’s dream of finding a cure for cancer is within reach… until he arrives at The Waterhole to find Paul collapsed and an ambulance on its way.