Paul collapses!

Paul agrees to Fox’s request not to seek medical help for his condition, but when the pain gets too much, sneaks away from Fox to get to the hospital. But it seem Paul might have left it too late, as when he approaches his car, he collapses on the ground. Is he dead?

Pepper is startled by the reappearance of Kevin Casey, who feels responsible for his mother’s actions. But when Frazer arrives home, he jumps to the conclusion that Kevin is Pepper’s stalker and attacks him. After calling him off, Pepper breaks down and tells Frazer the shocking truth about her imprisonment.

Stunned Frazer tells Pepper she shouldn’t have to face the memory of her ordeal alone, but when Pepper refuses to seek medical help, Frazer calls in Rosie to talk her round.

Oblivious to everyone’s growing unease around dodgy doc Charlotte, Boyd invites her to Steph’s dinner party in their first proper outing as a couple. However, after suspicions are raised at dinner, Boyd is confronted with the stark realities of Charlotte’s past. But he stubbornly refuses to believe his new girlfriend is a manipulative liar and possibly not even a real doctor.