Paul struggles with the shame of his secret cowardice and confesses to Elle that he left Kirsten for dead in the fire. Elle is shocked and accuses him of being responsible for the blaze himself, which he angrily denies. Later, the police arrive at Charlie’s where they ask Paul to accompany them to the police station as they have a witness who claims to have seen him at the scene of the crime.

As doubt grows about Donna’s involvement in the fire, Ringo enlists Toadie’s help to protect her. Toadie visits Donna to hear her version of what she saw on the day of the fire, but her story is full of holes. But Toadie believes Donna is innocent of starting the blaze, and lays into Elle for what he sees as her biased newspaper article.

After Harold asks for Susan’s advice on how to deal with his mystery lady, Lou takes Harold’s love dilemma into his own hands and invites his friend’s woman, Kate, to pay a visit to Ramsay Street. Harold is furious to discover what Lou has done.

Also, Mickey develops an imaginary friend, and Steph takes her relationship with Jay to the next level.

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