Paul confesses to arson

Leanne panics about Paul’s threat to go to the police but Dan is sure it’s an empty threat as Paul wouldn’t willingly incriminate himself. When Paul arrives at the bookies later and demands his money, she tries to gently talk him round but Dan interferes and infuriates Paul, who calls the police in front of them and confesses to arson. Leanne and Dan are stunned.

Audrey has decided not to do anything about Ted and goes with Gail to visit David. As the three of them chat and struggle to maintain a veneer of normality, David apologises again for his behaviour and insists that his stay inside has made him realise that he’s had a good upbringing and there’s no excusing what he’s done.

Kirk questions if Fiz is going to be in the pub later as he was thinking of taking Julie for a drink. Eager to meet her, Fiz assures him that she’ll be there. When Kirk introduces Julie it becomes apparent that they’re a good match and everyone does their best to make her feel welcome. Fiz assures Julie she’s got a good bloke in Kirky.

Also, Liam surprises Maria with a stylish designer maternity dress; Vernon loses all his winnings on a dud horse.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Paul returns from the police station and tells a stunned Leanne and Dan that he has given his statement, as he had nothing left to lose after Leanne’s betrayal. Paul then confesses to an appalled Jack, Tyrone and Molly. Jack angrily tells his grandson that he’s a disgrace and is bitterly disappointed in him.

Maria and Liam head to Carla’s for a dinner party. Liam offers to stay off the booze to keep Maria company, but Maria senses his promise is half-hearted and tells Carla to get him a beer. A tired Maria leaves early but tells Liam he can stay for a few drinks. Carla promises to put him in a cab later but when the taxi arrives Carla sends it away, leaving Liam asleep on her sofa.

Jason and Becky go back to the Grimshaw’s after a night in the Rovers. Becky tells Jason she wants to take things slowly and reckons she’d better leave. Jason is surprised when there’s a knock at the door just minutes later and he finds Becky on the doorstep, who tells him she’s decided to stay over after all!

Also, Audrey calls Ted and they arrange to meet; Vernon invites Liz on a cruise when he gets a job drumming.