Paul continues to plot against Michael

Libby struggles to focus her mind and meditate and the constant mocking from her family, and now Toadie, isn’t helping. However, one person who’s encouraging her new-found hippy ways, is, of course, Paul Robinson. Continuing his secret revenge plot against Michael, Paul asks if she’ll back his next move; to become a member of the school board.

At the school, Michael’s informed there’s been a new application for a new member of the board and is horrified when he finds out it’s Paul Robinson. In the meeting, Paul says all the right things and when Michael objects to him joining the board, his opinions fall on deaf ears and Paul gets the job. When Andrew lets slips that Paul’s real reason is to get rid of Michael as principal, Libby can’t believe she fell for it. However, when Paul puts the idea in Libby’s head that perhaps, with Michael out of the way, she could be principal, it’s clear Libby can see herself in that role.

With Lisa’s party fast approaching, and promising to be the event of the year, Tash is desperate to go. With Chris’s help, Michael finally agrees but Tash is upset when she finds out she’s not invited. Chris points out that if she can get Andrew and Summer to forgive her, then the rest will follow.

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