Following Natasha and Andrew’s kissing stunt, Michael pays Paul a visit. However, when he doesn’t get the response he wants from Paul, he warns him to keep Andrew away from his daughter. Paul takes pleasure in pointing out that as they go to the same school, it’s impossible to keep them apart. Natasha tries to speak to her dad, but he isn’t interested, so in a bid for his attention, she covers the whole school in her PirateNet posters.

Libby is at Steph’s talking about wedding plans when she realises Steph doesn’t have an engagement ring. Steph and Toadie explain that they are trying to keep costs down, but Libby insists that Steph must have a ring. With the pressure and cost building, Steph and Toadie discuss the possibility of eloping.

Back at school, Libby comes across a very difficult Sudoku puzzle that Natasha has completed. Realising that her bad girl image is all an act and she is, in fact, a very bright pupil, Libby goes to see Michael. However, he doesn’t appreciate Libby’s interference. Later, when Natasha catches up with her dad he refuses to talk to her about her behaviour. Frustrated, Natasha slaps Michael across the face before running off.

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